Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., Monett, MO - Registration

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Source Identification

Facility Name:Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., Monett, MO
Parent Company #1:
Parent Company #2:

Submission and Acceptance

Submission Type:First-Time Submission
Receipt Date:2000-12-13
Postmark Date:2000-12-07
Next Due Date:2005-12-07
Completeness Check Date:2000-12-14
Complete RMP:Yes
De-Registered Date:
De-Registered Effective Date:
Certification Received:Yes

Facility Identification

EPA Facility Identifier:1000 0017 3545
Other EPA Systems Facility ID:65708MDMRC10DAI

Dun and Bradstreet Numbers (DUNS)

Facility DUNS:073050163
Parent Company #1 DUNS:029855640
Parent Company #2 DUNS:

Facility Location Address

Address: 10 Dairy Street
Monett, MO
County:Barry County

Facility Latitude and Longitude

Lat. (dd mm ss.s):
Long. (ddd mm ss.s):
Latitude (decimal):
Longitude (decimal):
Lat/Long Method:Interpolation - Map
Lat/Long Description:Process Unit

EPA Default Map Value Latitude/Longitude

Latitude (decimal):36.916667
Longitude (decimal):-93.926111
Lat/Long Method:
Lat/Long Description:Process Unit

Owner or Operator

Operator Name:Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.
Operator Phone:4172353173
Street 1:10 Dairy Street
Street 2:
Foreign State:
Foreign ZIP:
Foreign Country:United States (US)

Person or Position Responsible for Part 68 (RMP) Implementation

Name:Micky Durbin
Title:Plant Manager

Emergency Contact

Name:Micky Durbin
Title:Plant Manager
24-Hour Phone:4177422957
Extension or Pin:

Other Points of Contact

Facility or Parent Company E-mail:[email protected]
Facility Public Contact Phone:4172353173
Facility or Parent Company Web Site:dfamilk.org

Local Emergency Planning Committee


Full Time Equivalent Employees

Number of full time employees (FTE) on site:87
FTE Claimed as CBI:No

Covered By

EPCRA 302:Yes
CAA Title V:Yes
Air Operating Permit ID:00900300001

OSHA Ranking

OSHA Star or Merit Ranking:No

Last Safety Inspection

Date Performed:
External Agency:State environmental agency

Predictive Filing

Did this RMP involve predictive filing?No

Confidential Business Information (CBI)

CBI Claimed:No
Substantiation Provided:No
Unsanitized RMP Provided:No

Reportable Accidents

Reportable Accidents:No
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