Sunny Fresh Foods - Executive Summary

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Sunny Fresh Foods 
206 W. 4th St. 
Monticello,  MN   55362 
Risk Management Summary 
Sunny Fresh Foods policy to conduct all business activities in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the public.  We at Sunny Fresh Foods operate our facility with the safety of employees, neighbors and nearby communities as our first concern.  We meet or exceed all federal, state and local standards in the operation of our plant.   For additional information call:   612-271-5600 
Sunny Fresh Foods core purpose is to be the supplier of choice for our customers worldwide.  Sunny Fresh Foods stakeholders produce value added egg products utilizing liquid egg in either whole, white or yolk form.  We carry a full line of liquid egg products, diced egg and breakfast entree products. 
We utilize ammonia in our refrigeration system to control temperatures of our manufacturing process.  This 
ensures that our products are processed and maintained at proper temperatures inhibiting microbiological growth.  Ammonia is one of the most widely used  refrigerants in the food industry and is the most effective and environmentally safe chemical for keeping food at its proper temperature.  It is a colorless gas with a strong pungent odor.  The refrigeration system at Sunny Fresh Foods controls the temperature of product in holding tanks, pasteurizing, cooler and blast freezer warehouse, production rooms and entree freezers in Further Processing. 
Sunny Fresh Foods has calculated a worst case scenario involving a failure of our high pressure receiver causing 2200 pounds of ammonia to be released over 10 minutes.  This would have a predicted impact of six tenths of a mile and potentially affect 140 people and small businesses around the Sunny Fresh Monticello, MN plant.  An alternative scenario would be a failure of a valve resulting in a release of 1300 pounds over 10 minutes.  Thi 
s would have a predicted impact of two tenths of a mile and potentially affect   people and small businesses surrounding the plant.  These calculations were derived for the EPA's Guidance Look up Tables for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, Landware Software and Census figures. 
If a release should occur, Sunny Fresh Foods has an Emergency Response Plan and Team to handle the release.  The plan covers local emergency response coordination if necessary and we have worked with the local fire department on roles and responsibilities.  Our in plant Emergency Response Team is available 24 hours a day. 
We at Sunny Fresh Foods, Monticello, MN, have had no Reportable Accidents in the last five years.   
We prevent accidents: 
   By designing for safety, ensuring that all equipment is constructed according to             established standards.   
   By Maintaining our plant, equipment, relief devices, piping, instrumentation and warning     systems through day to day monitoring and routine testing.   
operating safely through training, early warning systems and continuous monitoring.   
   By auditing our operations through corporate safety audits and by external agencies. 
   By training our personnel on maintenance, operation and Emergency Response. 

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