James Oxygen and Supply Co. - Executive Summary

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1. Facility Accidental Release Policy 
To the benefit of our community,It is the policy of James Oxygen and Supply Co. employees, management, 
and owners, prevent the accidental release of propane. Should an accidental release happen, the facility is prepared to work with the local fire department and emergency services to minimize the impact of the release to people and the environment. Detailed emergency response plans have been developed by the local fire department and would be implemented  by James Oxygen and Supply Co. in the event of an accidental release. 
2. Facility Information 
James Oxygen and Supply Co. is family owned and operated. The company is a supplier of Propane to residential and commercial users as well as welding materials and machines, medical supplies, and safety products. 
James Oxygen and Supply Co follows NFPA 54&58, Southern Building Code, and Compressed Gas Guidelines for their daily operation and safety procedures. 
3.The worst case senario(s) and the alt 
ernative release scenario(s), including administrative controls and mitigation measures to limit the distances for each reported scenario. 
Worst-Case Scenario- Failure of my largest storage tank when filling tothe greatest amount allowed would release 101,760 pounds of propane. Company policy limits the maximum filling capacity of this tank to 80% at 60 F. It is assumed that the entire contents are released as vapor wich finds an ignition source, 10%of the released quantity is assumed to participate in the resulting explosion. 
The distance to end point of 1 psi for the worst case scenario is 0.40 miles. 
Alternative Scenario- A vapor fire caused by a pull-away. The excess flow valves function to stop the flow of propane. The result would be a vapor cloud fire. 
The distance to the endpoint for the lower flammability limit for the alternative scenario is less than 0.10 mile 
4. The emergency response program. 
This facility's emergency response program is based on recommendations from the 
Hickory Fire Department and the local emergency management director. A member of the Hickory Fire Department inspection division visited this plant on April 14,1999.
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