Iowa Gas Plant - Executive Summary

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The Iowa Gas Plant, operated by Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation and located at 8101 Highway 3059, Jefferson Davis Parish, Iowa, Louisiana,  is a Program 1 facility as specified in 40 CFR 68.12(b).  The facility separates methane from the other components in natural gas such as ethane, propane, butanes, and pentanes and stores these flammable liquids onsite.  Up to 40,000 gals. can be stored in the product surge tank. 
The worst case scenario is a ruptue of the product surge tank that results in a vapor cloud explosion.  Using the multi-energy vapor cloud model, the nearest public receptor is located beyond the calculated flammable endpoint of 1 psi overpressure.  To prevent this release, there is high level alarm and level controls on the tank that are inspected regularly.  The level controls limit the amount the tank can hold to 85% of nameplate capacity. 
The facility has developed spill prevention (SPCC) and emergency response (ER) plans that meet the requirements of 40 CFR 1 
14, 261, 305, and 355 and local fire codes. These plans require the use of redundant level measuring devices with high alarms and continuous observation of bulk loading of flammable liquids.  Equipment and instrumentation inspections are conducted and documented on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer and site operating history.  Plant emergency shutdown switches and fire fighting equipment and supplies are located throughout the plant.  The local emergency planning committee has received and reviewed the SPCC and ER plans.  No recommendations have been made. 
During the past five years, three reportable releases and one other release occurred.  The releases did not result in any off-site or onsite fatality, illness, evacuation, sheltering in place, significant property damage or environmental damage.
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