BOWMAN GRAIN, INC. - Executive Summary

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Bowman Grain, Inc., is a proactive corporation in all aspects of business, including the prevention of accidents and the minimization of risk within the facility and surrounding community.  Bowman Grain's Anhydrous Ammonia plant has been in operation for three seasons. During this time no accidents have occurred; this is due to the effort put into communicating with employees, and the city of Bowman.  An Emergency Action plan has been drawn up which includes all actions to be taken in the event of a leak, overfilling, equipment failure and tornados.  Currently, controls  such as relief valves, check valves, manual and automatic shutoffs, and excess flow devices are in use to account for human and equipment error.  Along with it's own internal maintenance and equipment reviews, Bowman Grain has annually employed the services of RCI and Qualm Petroleum, external inspection agencies. The local Fire Department also conducts regular checks of the facility and has knowledge of  the Emergency 
Action Plan.  Bowman Grain also correlated its efforts involving risk management and accident prevention with the Bowman Local Emergency Plan Coordinator.  Bowman Grain has taken every step to ensure the health and safety of the surrounding area and its employees.
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