LymTal International, Inc. - Executive Summary

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Unspecified isomers of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) are stored in a 5,000 gallon tank inside the facility. The TDI is delivered to the site in a bulk tanker and pumped directly into the storage tank. The storage tank is located in a self-contained, two hour fire rated room with one four foot by seven foot fire door located three and one half feet above the floor level. The room serves as a diked area and will contain more than 40,000 lb. of spilled TDI. 
In calculating the worst-case release scenario, it is assumed that the TDI storage tank ruptures and 40,000 lb. of TDI are released into the contained area. The total surface area of liquid exposed to the room is 178 square feet and the only point of release to the rest of the building and the atmosphere is through the 4'x7' fire door. The model used for calculating the distance to the toxic endpoint is take from Chapter 12 of 
"Risk Management Program Guidance For Chemical Distributors (40 CFR Part 68" 
An active preventative maintenance 
program is carried out, specifically weekly checks of pumps, valves, piping and storage tank. These checks are entered into a log book. Safety training on the handling and emergency response to accidental releases of TDI are performed regularly with all production employees. Manufacturers and suppliers of TDI visit our facility to perform training on the the safe handling and response to accidental releases of TDI. 
There has been no releases of TDI in the past five years. 
Our emergency response program is on file with: 
         Oakland County Emergency Response Manager, LEPC 
         1200 North Telegraph Road 
         Pontiac MI 48341 
         Mr. Jeffrey Key 
         Orion Township Fire Chief, Station No. 2 
         200 East Silverbell Road 
         Lake Orion MI 48359 
Safety training and preventative maintenance programs continue to ensure the safe handling of TDI at this facility. Close laiason with health, safety, environ 
mental and regulatory personnel from manufacturers and suppliers of TDI will continue to keep us at the forefront for safe handling practices of TDI.
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