Kern Ridge Growers, LLC (Lamont) - Executive Summary

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Executive Summary 
Kern Ridge Growers, LLC 
Accidental Release Prevention / Emergency Response Policies: 
Kern Ridge Growers, LLC is committed to the safe operations of all of our facilities to protect our employees, the public, and the environment.  All KRG facilities shall operate in a prudent and safe manner.  It shall be the responsibility of the General Manager to ensure that all procedures are followed.  In the unlikely event of an accidental release, it is KRG's policy to immediately call the local fire department and assist this agency. 
It is also KRG's belief and policy to work openly with all local, state, and federal agencies for the betterment of the community and the industry. 
Stationary Source and Regulated Substances: 
Kern Ridge Growers, LLC Lamont, is a carrot grower, packer, processor, and shipper located at 8005 Wharton Avenue, Lamont, California, that uses anhydrous ammonia in a closed loop refrigerating system and gaseous chlorine.  This facility was purchased in J 
une of 1998 and is currently being remodeled, including  the ammonia and chlorine systems.  The refrigerant charge is 2160 pounds.  The chlorine is stored onsite with two, one ton tanks charging the Fresh Production with chlorine gas.  The gas is mixed with water and acts as a sanitizer. 
Release Scenarios: 
For this document, two (2) separate ammonia release scenerios are used:  the "Worst Case" as required by law and the "Alternative Release" (most likely).  The Worst Case release scenario was based on the high pressure receiver completely filled, discharging 110 pounds per minute for a period of 10 minutes.  Distance to the end point of 200 ppm is .87 miles. 
The Alternative Release scenario was identified through the What-If Study performed on June 4, 1999 at the Cal ARP/RMP class held at the Kern County Fire Department instructed by Howard Wines, III.  In an unlikely event of a release, the gas / vapor would be discharged to the atmosphere. 
General Accident Release Prevention Prog 
The following programs and procedures  have either been in place or are being implemented at the time this summary was being written. 
 California Risk Management Program 
 KRG's Respiratory Protection Policy and Procedures  
 KRG's Lockout / Tagout Program 
 KRG's Emergency Action Plan 
Five-year Accident History: 
The KRG Lamont facility was purchased in June of 1998.  In July of 1998, KRG began remodeling the ammonia system.  In October of 1998, KRG evacuated the ammonia system.  An estimated 20 pounds of ammonia was accidentally released to the atmosphere.  This release was due to a leaking valve.  There were no offsite injuries or evacuation of the surrounding community. 
Emergency Response Program: 
KRG's Emergency Action Public Notification is simply going door-to-door to alert the residents. 
Planned Safety Changes: 
Currently, the safety changes taking place at KRG is management training in RMP conducted by Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association, Kern Chapter, an 
d implementation of safety procedures.
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