Breckenridge, Texas Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies - One of the cleansing processes in the production of safe water is disinfection.  Chlorine, which is considered hazardous by the EPA, is used at this water treatment plant for the destruction of pathogenic organisms.  The same properties that make chlorine valuable as a disinfectant make it necessary to observe certain safety precautions, in it's handling, to prevent unnecessary human exposure and to reduce threat to nearby members of the community.  It is our policy to adhere to all Federal and state rules and regulations.  Safety depends upon the manner in which we handle chlorine, the safety devices inherent in the design of the facility, the safe handling procedures we use and the training of personnel.  Our emergency response plan includes procedures for notification of the Breckenridge Police Department, who in turn notifies the Breckenridge Fire Department, for dispatch to the facility for evaluation and action. 
Stationary Source and Regulated Substance Handled - The primary purpose of the facility is to produce safe, potable water for the citizens of Breckenridge.  Chlorine is received in ton containers.  The facility has a monoral hoist and lifting beam for safe loading and unloading of chlorine containers from the delivery truck.  Access to the site is restricted to authorized employees, municipal personnel and their agents and authorized contractors.  Visitors to the facility must be pre authorized and in constant attendance with City of Breckenridge staff at all times. 
Worst Case Chlorine Release Scenario - A ton container of chlorine is ruptured and the entire contents are released.  The estimated distance to the end point of 3ppm is 1.3 miles. 
Alternative Chlorine Release Scenario - A chlorine eak occurs due to improper attachment of the regulator/vacuum line assembly.  The estimated distance to the end point of 3ppm is 0.1 mile. 
Five Year Accident History - No accidental releases o 
f chlorine have occurred in the past 5 years. 
Emergency Response Program - The facility Emergency Response Program is coordinated with the City of Breckenridge OPolice and Fire Departments.
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