Lindau Chemicals, Inc. - Executive Summary

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Lindau Chemicals, Inc. is a specialty organic chemical manufacturer. Lindau supplies raw 
materials to many different industries throughout the world. The primary products 
produced are anhydride curing agents for epoxy resins. These curing agents are used to 
manufacture composite materials, electrical and electronic components, and many other 
products. Other products include coating resins used in concrete and masonry paints and 
special polymers and additives for the curing agent products.  
The EPA risk management regulations apply to two flammable substances handled 
onsite, Butadiene and Isoprene. Both of these materials are essential raw materials for 
Lindau products and both have been used in our process since the late 1960's without 
serious incident. This plan covers the storage and use of these two materials at Lindau.  
These materials are both stored in pressurized steel tanks. Both of these materials are 
flammable and that is the hazard for which the EPA listed the materials. I 
soprene is used 
in greater quantities and so a larger amount of Isoprene is generally onsite.  
The EPA requires that two types of accident scenarios must be evaluated. The first is 
known as a "worst case" scenario. EPA's procedures, for flammable materials, assume 
that the contents of the largest tank are instantaneously released, vaporized, and 
immediately disperse to a flammable cloud which then explodes. An actual occurrence of 
the worst case scenario is extremely unlikely. EPA hopes these "worst case" scenarios 
will raise the public's awareness of potential accidents so that emergency response 
capabilities are improved. At Lindau, the largest tank contains Isoprene at a maximum of 
150,000 pounds. The radius to the endpoint, from the EPA procedure, includes some 
homes in the Olympia neighborhood and a large portion of the industrial area along 
Rosewood Drive.  
EPA also requires analysis of an "alternative" scenario. These alternative scenarios give a 
much more realistic estimate o 
f the consequences of an accident and are more useful for 
emergency planning than the "worst case" scenarios. An alternative release scenario for 
Lindau Chemicals has been identified through Process Hazard Analysis and  envisions a 
potential transfer hose failure during unloading a tanker truck. The release amount is 150 
pounds of Isoprene because excess flow valves and check valves limit the material 
released to the contents of the hose and connected piping. The potential hazard from such 
an accident would be a fire from the flammable material released. Vapor dispersion 
modeling indicates a distance to the lower flammable limit of less than 300 feet. Beyond 
this distance there would be no flash fire hazard to our plant or our neighbors. This 
distance would not reach any homes but would reach the street in front of our plant and 
an adjacent business.  
Lindau Chemicals has never had any incidents involving either Butadiene or Isoprene that 
caused property damage, injuries or evacuation 
s off site. During the past five years, there 
has been one occasion that people were evacuated from their homes but the incident did 
not  involve the storage or use of Butadiene or Isoprene. This evacuation occurred in 
December, 1997 and was the result of a leak and small fire at an Air Products and Chemicals 
Hydrogen tank at our site. This incident had no effect on Isoprene or Butadiene storage. The 
EPA Risk management regulations do not apply to our use of Hydrogen. We are not required 
to report this incident but have included the incident in this executive summary to avoid 
Lindau Chemicals, Inc. operates its manufacturing facilities and processes in a safe and 
proper manner. We have an effective and continuous safety and environmental program 
incorporating procedures maintained to teach safety, correct deficiencies, and provide a 
safe, clean working environment, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. 
All company supervisors, managers, and officers are resp 
onsible for the enforcement of 
safety and environmental policies and practices.  
Lindau Chemicals has a thorough Process Safety Management Program to help prevent 
releases and accidents like those described above. The program details our procedures for 
analyzing process hazards and implementing improvements to process procedures. The 
program includes procedures for safety analyses of processes, called Process Hazard 
Analysis(PHA). A PHA has been performed which covers the use and storage of these 
materials. A portion of this program addresses mechanical integrity of process equipment 
including the storage tanks and transfer hoses. Included in this program is a testing 
procedure to pressure test hoses used for transferring Isoprene or Butadiene on a monthly 
basis. This procedure tests the hoses at a pressure about 50% higher than the actual 
pressure experienced during unloading. Hoses that fail the test are removed from service. 
This testing procedure exceeds generally recognized indus 
try practices and we believe is 
very effective in preventing an accident of this type.  
Lindau Chemicals, Inc. has an Emergency Response Plan in effect. The plan includes a 
close working relationship between Lindau's trained Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) 
responders and the Columbia Fire Department. Firefighters have visited Lindau's facility 
to become familiar with the layout. Lindau employees are trained regularly on emergency 
response procedures and notification. Lindau Chemicals, Inc. is a member of the 
Richland County Local Emergency Planning Committee. Lindau also has a close working 
relationship with the Richland County Sheriff's Department and works with off-duty 
deputies to provide security at our plant site.
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