Solite Corp., dba Virginia Solite - Executive Summary

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Virginia Solite operates a lightweight aggregate manufacturing operation on an approximate 459 acre parcel of land, located in Cascade, VA.  The facility operates 4 rotary kilns and associated raw and finished material crushing operations in the production of lightweight aggregate.  Raw material is mined on site and processed in a series of crusheing and screening operations in preparation for use in the production of lightweight aggregate. 
An approximate three acre parcel of land wholly contiguous within the Virginia Solite facility is occupied by a fully permitted RCRA waste fuel storage tank facility.  The facility, including the storage tanks and associated unloading and pumping equipment, is owned and operated by Giant Resource Recovery, Inc. (GRR).  Waste fuel is received at the GRR faciity via tanker truck from off site generators/suppliers and pumped into one of several waste fuel blending tanks.  The waste fuel is blended to meet burning specifications for use as fuel at the  
adjacent Virginia Solite facility for the production of lihtweight aggregate. 
The GRR facility consists of 20 storage tanks and associated ancillary equpment.  Waste fuel is transferred to the Virginia Solite facility via an aboveground  pipeline.  The GRR storage tanks are interconnected via pipelines and are also considered co-located within the tank farm and therefore, for purposes of compliance with 40 CFR Part 68, the Virginia Solite facility is considered to have one regulated process, the GRR tank farm storage facility. 
The threshold quantity determination performed at the Virginia Solite facility used several conservative assumptions as outlined in the EPA RMP guidance document for warehousing (1/99).  From this threshold determination, the facility developed a list of regulated substances that could potentially (although unlikely) be present in the regulated process above the applicable threshold quantity.  An off-site consequence analysis was then performed in accordance wi 
th EPA guidance to determine the distances to the endpoints for each substance. 
From this analysis, it was determined that the facility does have public receptors within the distance to the endpoint for the worst case toxic release scenario.  Therefore, the facility is subject to the RMP Program 2 requirements. 
The Virginia Solite facility is designated as a non-responding facility and has therefore, coordinated its emergency activities with the local emergency response organizations.  However, it should be noted that although the facility is considered a non-responding facility under RMP, as a RCRA interim status and permitted facility, Virginia Solite has developed and implemented a Contingency Plan in accordance with the Federal RCRA regulations at 40 CFR Parts 264 and 265.  This plan is maintained on site and has been coordinated with the local emergency response agencies.
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