Snapper, Inc. - Executive Summary

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The Snapper facility currently manufactures lawn and garden equipment during the winter months and snow removal equipment during the summer months.  The facility is located in McDonough, Georgia and has approximately 550 employees and operates on three shifts.  The total number of employees varies with the type of equipment being manufactured. 
Propane is used as a secondary fuel source during the winter months when curtailment is required.  Natural gas is the predominant fuel source however, there are several instances during the winter when propane must be used.  Propane is fed from the two main tanks to a 1,000 gallon day tank which is used for forklift operations. 
The propane system consist of two 30,000 gallon co-located tanks, a vaporizer, day tank, associated piping, valves, pumps, and other miscellaneous equipment. The tanks are filled from a remote location and serviced by a breakaway bulkhead with breakaway adapters.  All access to the propane system is controlled with fencing 
and warning sings. 
The worst case scenario is a simultaneous failure and vapor cloud explosion of both tanks.  Using the EPA model RMP Comp, the calculated distance to the end point is 0.5 miles.  An estimated 239 people would be effected by a 1 psi overpressure which is defined by the EPA as causing the partial demolition of houses and making them uninhabitable.  There are no schools or hopitals within this distance, and there are no environmental receptors.  The alternative case scenario for the facility results in a 0.1 mile distance to the end point.  There are an estimated 13 people living within this distance. 
This facility complies with all applicable state and local codes and regulations.  The propane system is designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with NFPA-58 edition 1998 and current state law. 
In the event of an emergency involving the propane system, the policy would be to notify the City of McDonough Fire Department.  The fire department has been in discussi 
ons with facility personnel and have also inspected the propane system on an annual basis. 
There are currently no plans to change safety procedures and processes at the time of this report.
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