Excelsior Springs Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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    The Excelsior Springs, Missouri Water Treatment Plant was originally designed to treat 2.5 million gallons of water per day for the citizens and customers of the City of Excelsior Springs, Missouri.  In 1999 the treatment plant was expanded to have the capacity to treat 5 million gallons of water per day. 
    To produce a safe and palatable water, the treatment plant uses lime to soften the water and remove iron.  Carbon dioxide is used to stabalize the PH of the water, and chlorine is used for disinfection. 
    Chlorine is the only chemical used at the treatment plant that dictates the need for a risk management program. 
    As part of the 1999 water treatment plant expansion, a seperate building was constructed to house the chlorine containers.  This building also houses the chlorinating equipment which works on a vacuum system.  The advantage of a vacuum system is that any break or leak in a line will immediately break the vacuum and stop the flow of chlorine.  The chlorine  
is conveyed from the chlorine building to the treatment process as a water/chlorine solution.  This also reduces the impact of a pipeline break or leak.  The chlorine building is also equipped with a chlorine leak detector, with alarms in the control room.  The leak detector is integrated with an automatic shut off valve that will close the valve on the chlorine container if a leak is detected. 
    The water treatment plant has on hand repair kits for one ton container and for 150 lb. cylinders.  These repair kits are designed for all foreseeable scenarios.  Also on hand are self contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) for working in hazardous atmospheres. 
    The City of Excelsior Springs files emergency planning and community right-to-know (EPCRA Tier II) reports with the Missouri Emergency Response Commission, with Clay County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and with the local fire control authority (Excelsior Springs Fire and Rescue Department). 
    Worst case and alter 
native release scenarios to determine off site impact have been done using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided RMP COMP. 
    The City of Excelsior Springs, Missouri Water Treatment Plant has had no accidental releases in the past five years. 
    The City of Excelsior Springs, Missouri and its staff are committed to providing a safe environment for its employees and the public in general.
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