Water Pollution Control Plant - Executive Summary

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This facility is a wastewater treatment plant, which is owned and operated by the City of Milledgeville.  It is located in the SE section of Baldwin County in a rural area.  We use chlorination for the disinfection of water.  The chlorine is stored in 2000 lb cylinders, with a maximum of three cylinders on hand at all times. We have not had any accidents with chlorine in the past five years that have caused impacts onsite or offsite. 
Our facility complies with the recommended safety procedures and standards for chlorine handling and use and all applicable state and federal laws.  We use passive mitigation systems and installed a chlorine detection alarm system as a proactive to prevent any accidental releases.   
Our employees will respond to minor releases that can be handled as standard operating procedures, and they have been trained how to safely do so.  Our employees will not respond to major releases.  We have a written policy (with training) to inform the City of Milledgeville Fi 
re Department and/or the Baldwin County Fire Department through the use of 911.  Both Fire Departments are equipped to handle a release to the magnitude in which chlorine is stored.
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