Water/Electric Complex Chlorine Storage - Executive Summary

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The City Of Dothan Water Department receives chlorine from our supplier in 150 lb. cylinders that are chained and secured in racks. The chlorine cylinders are transported by forklift to our storage building, where there is a designated area labeled for full or empty chlorine cylinders. The chlorine cylinders are kept stored in racks and secured by chains. We have installed a chlorine detector to monitor for gas leaks on a continuous basis. The monitor is also equipped to signal a warning light that is mounted outside of storage building to warn personnel in the event of a chlorine leak has occurred.  We have installed a windsock on our storage facility to aid emergency personnel in evacuating the area if necessary. The department has purchased an emergency chlorine kit for 150 lb. cylinders and is frequently inspected to insure that all equipment is complete and ready for use. In the event of a chlorine leak our policy is to contact emergency personnel and assist them with our kit and  
related equipment. We have forward documentation to our local Emergency Management Agency and City of Dothan Fire Department Hazmat Unit that includes a location map,amount of chlorine stored in our facility and list of names or agency to be notified in the event of a chlorine leak. The Water Department strives to keep abreast of the dangers involved with handling chlorine by attending seminars,workshops and any other related events pertaining to chlorine safety.
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