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The Hunter Grain Co., a farmer owned cooperative, is located in East Central North Dakota.  Part of our business is to serve the local area as a retailer of agricultural anhydrous ammonia.  Our goal is to provide this product to our patrons in the safest possible manner.  Employee and environmental safety is of the utmost concern.  Our facilities will be in compliance with all regulations that apply as soon as possible. 
All anhydrous ammonia handling and storage facilities will meet ANSI K 61.1and the North Dakota Anhydrous Ammonia Standards by 8-2001.  Yearly manditory training on safe handling proceedures is provided to employees. 
The Hunter Grain Co. has never had an accident relate to the storage and handling of ammonia.  However, it should be noted that accidental releases can happen at any ammonia facility.  Our company is always on the look out for ways to improve safety.  Equipment and proceedures that improve the safety of handling ammonia are implemented as soon as possible 

The Hunter Grain Co. has an Emergency Response Plan in place in the unlikely event of an accidental release.  SARA Tier II forms are filled with all the proper local, state and federal agencies on an annual basis.  The local fire department has full access to our facility for training purposes. 
The Hunter Grain Co. wants to assure the public at large that handling and storing anhydrous ammonia is safe provided:  1) employees are extensively trained in safe handling proceedures regularly.  2)  safe handling proceedures are updated as needed and strictly followed.  3)  all handling and storage equipment are well maintained and updated regularly. 
Our company annually spends a great deal of time, money and resourses to assure the safe handling and storage of this product in an environmentally friendly manner.
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