Hitchiner Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Executive Summary

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    Hitchiner Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Hitchiner) manufactures nonferrous investment castings at its facility located at 600 Cannonball Lane in O'Fallon, Missouri. 
    As part of its operation, Hitchiner utilizes hydrofluoric acid in two processes.  The first process is an outside storage area with secondary containment where multiple drums of hydrofluoric acid are stored.  The second process is in the casting area where parts are dipped into three tanks holding 45 gallons each of hydrofluoric acid. 
    The worst-case release scenario involves process number one.  In this scenario, it is assumed that, during unloading, an entire drum of hydrofluoric acid is spilled.  This would spill 55 gallons with a release rate to outside air of 3.43. pound per minute.  The estimated distance to toxic endpoint is 0.3 miles.  A mitigation measure in use at the facility is a diked area for drum storage. 
    The alternate release scenario involves process number two.  In this scenario, a 4 squa 
re-inch hole is punctured  in one of the 45-gallon tanks of hydrofluoric acid.  The release would occur into a 55,000 square foot building with a release rate to outside air of 0.220 pounds per minute.  The distance to toxic endpoint is 0.1 miles. 
    All employees involved in handling hydrofluoric acid are trained upon hire and annually thereafter in safe handling procedures.  The facility has an emergency response plan and a contingency plan.  Specifically, personnel involved in handling hydrofluoric acid are trained in spill response as part of the emergency response program.  Hitchiner has coordinated with the St. Peters Fire Protection District and the St. Charles County LEPC to aid in response to spills if necessary. 
    There have been no accidental releases in the past five years from covered processes that resulted in deaths, injuries or significant property damage on site or off site. 
    Safety at the facility is taken very seriously.  Hitchiner takes part in corporate sa 
fety audits as well as internal autdit.  Any items identified in the audits are corrected as soon as possible.
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