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America's Catch, Inc. (America's Catch) owns and operates a catfish processing plant in Itta Bena, Mississippi.  America's Catch uses and stores anhydrous ammonia (ammonia) in their Ammonia Refrigeration System (the System) in excess of the Risk Management Plan (RMP) Threshold Quantity of 10,000 lbs.  America's Catch  has implemented a Process Safety Management (PSM) program to provide information to employees to deal with the risks involved with the storage, handling and processing of highly hazardous materials.  The program emphasizes the application of management controls and standard operating procedures when addressing the risks associated with handling or working near highly hazardous chemicals. 
The Ammonia Refrigeration System (the System) for Delta Pride utilizes anhydrous ammonia to function  as the heat transfer medium.  The System contains four (4) high stage compressors and three (3) low stage compressors.  The System utilizes liquid ammonia injection for oil cooling on si 
x (6) of the compressors and water cooled oil coolers on the remaining one (1) compressor. 
The System contains three (3) evaporative condensers to convert the high pressure ammonia gas into high pressure liquid. After the high pressure ammonia gas is condensed, it is transferred to the high pressure receiver. 
The System, which maintains a maximum inventory of 16,915 pounds (lbs.) of anhydrous ammonia,  includes two (2) high stage recirculators which provide high temperature liquid ammonia to various evaporator units in the facility.  The System also includes two (2) low stage recirculators which provide low temperature liquid ammonia to other evaporator units throughout the facility. 
Ammonia vapor is removed from the low temperature recirculators to the suction of the low stage compressors.  The discharge from the low stage compressors goes to the high stage recirculators, which provide ammonia vapor to the suction of the high stage compressors.  The discharge from the high stage co 
mpressors provides high temperature ammonia gas to the evaporative condensers. 
The worst-case release and the alternate release scenarios are delineated below.  EPA's RMP*Comp was used in the consequence analyses. 
Worst Case Chemical and Amount Released:  16,915 lbs. of anhydrous ammonia  in 10 minutes inside the Ammonia  Room. 
Weather Conditions:  77 F with a 3.4 mph wind in Class F atmospheric stability. 
This release would impact the rural area around Delta Pride within a 1.7 mile radius and affect 90 residents and one (1) church. 
Alternate Case Chemical and Amount Released:  500 lbs. of anhydrous ammonia in 5 minutes inside the Ammonia  Room. 
Weather Conditions:  77 F with a 6.7 mph wind in Class D atmospheric stability. 
This release would affect a 0.2 mile radius from the center of the facility and have no offsite impact around America's Catch; it would affect the 230 full-time employees at the facility. 
America's Catch is in compliance with OSHA PSM and emergency action pla 
n regulations, as well as the EPCRA Section 302 rules.  The regularly scheduled maintenance program is key to maintaining the America's Catch Refrigeration System in good operation. 
There have been no reportable accidental releases at America's Catch during the last five (5) years. 
The equipment listed below is inspected daily. 
   all refrigeration compressors 
   all ammonia pumps 
   all condensers 
   all ice houses 
   all heat exchangers 
   all spiral freezers 
Should there be an ammonia release, the Itta Bena, Mississippi Fire Department (IFD) will respond.  Should the need for an evacuation occur, the LeFlore County, Mississippi Sheriff's Department  will notify all households within a 1.7 mile radius.   
Annual in-house employee training programs maintain and continually improve safety at America's Catch.
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