Land View Fertilizer Inc., Garland - Executive Summary

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The RMP at Land View Fertilizer is on the way to vast improvement.  We have had an existing ER plan and have used this to keep the local fire department involved in the process nad potential for a release.  Our facility handles Ag grade Nh3.  We distribute this to local agricultural producers.  We have just been at this location for 3 and 6 months, and have had no accidental releases.  We have a ER program in place with the local and county agencies. 
I have been very enlightened on the process of RMP and deserve to understand all of the implications of this process and the effects that it could have on our community.   
We are currently reviewing our operation and handling procedures as well as alternatives to releases that will mitigate this potential release.  I will have in place by November 15, 1999 all of the items that I feel need to be addressed.  these iclude training, placards and signage, equipment repair and maintenence.
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