Dairy Farmers of America - Executive Summary

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The accidental release prevention and emergency response policies at the facility:  The facility complies with EPA and OSHA requirements for anhydrous ammonia storage and it is the policy to adhere to applicable federal, state, and local laws.  If an emergency were to occur, the policy is to notify the City of Fergus Falls Fire Department. 
A description of the facility and the regulated substances handled: DFA is a cheese manufacturing facility.  Anhydrous ammonia is delivered by truck and used as a refrigerant. 
The worst case release scenario: The worst-case scenario is a release of 15,650 pounds of anhydrous ammonia from the refrigeration system.  According to the EPA*COMP program, the distance to endpoint is 2.0 miles.  The worst-case release could impact sensitive populations located adjacent to the facility. 
The general accidental release prevention program and chemical-specific prevention steps: The facility complies with EPA's accident prevention rule (40 CFR 68) and applica 
ble state and local codes and regulations.  The anhydrous ammonia system is designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with relevant standards. 
Five-year accident history: The facility has not had an accident involving anhydrous ammonia that caused deaths, injuries, property or environmental damage, evacuations, or sheltering in place within the past five years. 
The emergency response program: In the event of an emergency involving the anhydrous ammonia system, the facility has the appropriate emergency response capabilities to respond.  Dairy Farmers of America has coordinated with the Fergus Falls Fire Department and members of the fire department have inspected the anhydrous ammonia system. 
Planned changes to improve safety: None identified at this time.
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