Federal Mogul - Executive Summary

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Federal Mogul's operating procedures describe tasks to be performed, data to be recorded, operating conditions to be maintained.  Our procedures are technically accurate, understandable to employees, and revised periodically to ensure that they reflect current operations.  Our up-to-date operating procedures for safely conducting activities involved in each process are described here.   Our Ammonia tank is 11,000 gallon pressurized storage tank, We do a daily and weekly as well as a monthly inspection of the tank. We do have a shut-off located next to the building on the east side of the plant. Maintenance uses gas masks when working around the tank.  Our facility uses contractors to perform work in and around processes that involve highly hazardous chemicals.  Our goal is to hire contractors who accomplish the desired job tasks without compromising the safety and health of employees at the facility.  We also have on site a emergency response team to evacuate the building.  We have con 
tracted any major clean ups to K&D in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The report we are required to file must by law include a description of a hypothetical worst-case scenario, however unlikely.  The aim of the law, which we support, is to ensure that industrial facilities work in full cooperation with local safety, fire and other authorities to prevent harmful accidents and to respond quickly and effectively in the unlikely event that they should occur despite everyone's best efforts.  FM will continue its long record of careful, precautionary management of our production activites so that the chance of such worst case releases occurring remains utterly remote.  We will be glad to address with interested citizens any specific questions about our precautions to protect our employees, the environment, and the residents of the communities where we operate.
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