Morrison Fertilizer - Executive Summary

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   We at the Morrison Coop Fertilizer plant, have taken the well being and safety of our employees very serously.  We have yearly manditory instruction for the safe handling of Anhydrous Ammonia instructed by the Illinois Department of Ag, as well as a yearly refresher provided the Morrison Fire Department conducted right here at our facility.  We have a written Emergency Action Plan in the event of a leak and we require personal protective equipment for our employees who would respond to such an incident. We have our own monthly inspections of our Anhydrous handling equipment and required maintenance as well as the annual inspections by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and we are registered with the Whiteside County LEPC and State of Illinois Department of Ag for our "RQ" of NH3.  We also supply required PPE equiptment to our customers using Anhydrous Ammonia.
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