Farmers Coop Elevator Co. (Anness) - Executive Summary

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The Farmers Coop Elevator (Anness) is an agricultural retail business which serves crop producers in the area.  This facility adheres to al local, state, and federal rules and regulations.  In the event of an emergency, the Sedgwick County Fire Dept. will be our first responder.  The Anhydrous Ammonia plant consists of 3 - 12,000 gallon tanks.  the bulk of our business is selling fertilizer to crop producers which raise wheat, beans, and milo.  The worst case scenario resulting in a rupture of our largest tank would release 53,000 pounds of NH3 effecting nearly 20 patrons with a distance to endpoint of 2.5 miles.  Our employees are trained on a rotating 2-year basis where they attend a state conducted NH3 school.  They receive classroom training as well as a written test.  Our facility is maintained in accordance with the State of Kansas... Dept. of Agriculture.  Farmers Coop Elevator (Anness) has not experienced an injury accident in the last five years.  Our Emergency Response Plan i 
sshared wiht the County Fire Dept. each year and they've agreed to assist us in the event of an emergency.
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