Tempel Steel Company - Executive Summary

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Tempel Steel Company stamps and heat treats metal parts and components at their facility in Chicago, Illinois.  Hydrogen is used in the heat treat process.  One approximate 20,000 gallon storage tank is located at the facility and holds approximately 10,600 pounds of hydrogen.  Piping extending from the tank to the heat treat process is estimated to store an additional 400 pounds of hydrogen.  In total approximately 11,000 pounds of hydrogen is stored at the facility and exceeds the 10,000 pound applicability threshold provided for in 40 CFR Part 68, Risk Management Plan Rule. 
Tempel Steel has retained Air Products and Chemical Inc (APCI) to operate and maintain the hydrogen tank system.  The facility complies with NFPA 50B regulations for liquid hydrogen.  If an emergency would occur the facility will initiate emergency response procedures.  These procedures include an immediate call to 911 (Chicago Fire Department) and to APCI.  The Chicago Fire Department is aware of the potential  
emergencies associated with this tank and would be prepared to respond to an incident. 
There have been no known incidents associated with the tank.  APCI has established and maintains normal operating and maintenance procedures for this tank.  Additional APCI and Tempel Steel personnel have been trained on the system.  Future training will be coordinated by APCI.  Even though the facility is not subject to the Process Safety Management (PSM)  requirements a PSM manual was prepared for the facility and is used to prevent hazards associated with this chemical. 
A worst-case scenario involving a vapor cloud explosion with an endpoint of 0.25 miles is provided for in this report.  An alternate release scenario was calculated and involves a pipe tear with potential release of 11,000 pounds over a period of 8.2 minutes with an endpoint 0.19 miles from the source.
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