21st Century Coop-Cumberland Ia plant - Executive Summary

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This facility complies with all federal, state and local laws. If an emergency were to occur, it is our policy to notify the Cumberland Fire Dept.and request that they respond to the emergency. This facility stores Anhydrous Amnonia for resale to farmers to apply to their fields for nitrogen. We have three storage tanks with capacities of 40,000 gal. The plant also consists of various valves and piping. Our worst case scenario is a gas release that would release the contents, and according to EPA' look-up tables, the distance to the endpoint is 5 miles. There are several private homes within the distance to the endpoint, with a total population of 980 people. 
This facility complieswith all applicable state and local codes and regulations.  
In the past 5 years we have never had an accident invloving anhydrous amnonia that has caused death, injuries, property or environmental damage, evacuations or shelterings in place. 
In the event of an emergency involving our anhydrous system, it is o 
ur policy to notify the Cumberland Fire Department and request that they respond to the emergency. We have discussed this policy with the fire department, and members of the fire department have inspected our anhydrous plant.
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