American Industrial Chemical Corporation - Executive Summary

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American Industrial Chemical Corporation is a chemical distribution company. This facility stores and transports various chemicals. Hydrofluoric Acid is the only material regulated by the Risk Management Plan at this site. The accidental release prevention program utilized at American Industrial Chemical Corporation consists of elements required by the EPA Risk Management Program. American Industrial Chemical Corporation also has an emergency response program that meets the requirements of the standard. The worst case senario involves the loss of a drum of 70% Hydrofluoric Acid. Details regarding the hazard assessment of this scenario are included in this plan. In addition, an alternative release of 500 pounds of 70% Hydrofluoric Acid due to a container puncture is evaluated. This release weight was determined based upon emergency containment procedures used at the facility. In the last five years there have been no accidental releases of this chemical at this facility. American Indust 
rial Chemical Corporation takes great pride in its quality, safety, environmental and risk management systems. These systems are proven effective and are in a constant state of continuous improvement.
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