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The owners, management, and employees of The Randall Farmers Co-op Union are commited to the prevention of any accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia. If an accidntal release should occur, the faciltity is prepared to work with the lcal fire company, or other authorities, to mitigate any releases and minimize the impact of the releases to people and the environment. 
The primary activit at the anhydrous plant, is to recieve by truck anhydrous ammonia, store the ammonia and transfer the ammonia into nurse tanks which will be used by our customers to enhance the growing of agricultural commodities such has wheat. The worst case release scenario would be the release of the total contents of a storage tank released has a gas over 10 minutes. The maximum quanity released would be 49,000 pounds  which represents the volume of the storage tank at 85 percent capacity  as limited by designed standards. The distance to the endpoint in the worst case scenario (point of dispersion to 200 ppm) is 
1.5 miles. 
The alternative release scenario based on the five-year accident history or the most likely potential  incident is a relaeas from a break in a transfer hose. The distance to the endpoint (point of dispersion to 200 ppm) is .83 miles. 
Our facility is heavily regualted by both the Federal Goverment and the State of Kansas. OSHA, EPA, DOT  and  the Kansas Department of Agriculture all regulate our facilities. Our efforts go beyond the typical training required for agricultural facilities because of the volunteer commitments our employees have made. All of these efforts have paid dividends to our firm . We have had no off sight or on sight accidents in the last 5 years.  The facility has implemented the ANSI K-61  which are the industry standards for anhydrous ammonia. Our goal is to continue to strive for a safe workplace for our employees, communities in which we operate and for the farmer owners we serve.
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