Lahaina WWRF - Executive Summary

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This facility is a municipal wastewater reclamation facility designed to utilize chlorine as a chemical disinfecting agent for the plant's effluent.  It utilizes approximately 300 lbs. of gaseous chlorine per day.  Chlorine is stored in 1 ton cylinders as liquified chlorine under pressure.  The storage facility is designed to contain chlorine leaks by creating a negative draft through a totally enclosed room and scrubbing the vented gas through a caustic soda air scrubber.  The scrubber is designed to reduce chlorine concentration to less than 1ppm.  In the event of the failure of the automatic containments system, manual backup is provided or facility staff in conjunction with the chemical provider are trained to contain any leaks and minimize any release.  A copy of the Emergency Response Plan is attached as a separate ASCII file.
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