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Central Rivers Executive Summary - Anhydrous Ammonia 
Facility Description 
Our facility is a wholesale farm supply distribution center.  We store and distribute a wide variety of Ag  
supplies, anhydrous ammonia being one of these products.  Anhydrous ammonia is received by truck and  
stored on site.  We refill 1000 and 1500 gallon tanks for area growers they use this as a source of nitrogen  
for their crops 
This location has an 18000 gallon storage tank which when filled to capacity will hold approximately  
80,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia.  We also have 17 - 1000 gallon nurse tanks and 1 - 1500 gallon  
nurse tank. 
Accidental Release Prevention 
Central Rivers Coop has developed a Safety Committee involving employees from all locations.  This is to  
ensure employee involvement on all levels.  Central Rivers goal is to have an accident free work  
environment and we hold monthly safety training sessions to instill this in our employees.  Before any  
employee works with an 
hydrous ammonia or any other sensitive material they are required to complete  
safety and handling training.  The training consists of classroom lecture, current videos, testing and  
certification and hands on training.  Location managers are directly involved to make sure training is  
All locations are required to have safety equipment checks at each fill.  Checks include valves, hoses,  
bleeder valves, gauges, water supply, gloves and goggles, tires, wheel bearings, relief valves and general  
condition of equipment and these checks must be documented.  These checks involve a complete check of  
the equipment being filled including all safety equipment is in working order.  The safety director is  
responsible for checking these for accuracy.  Any equipment found to be defective is put out of service  
immediately or corrected on the spot. 
Our storage tank is protected from major releases by internal excess flow valves and hose break-aways.   
These measures are i 
n place to stop the flow immediately in the event of hose or line failure.  All valves are  
locked when not in use.  Our facility is State inspected on a regular basis to ensure safety. 
Worst Case Scenario 
Our worst case scenario would involve the total loss of product in the storage tank. When filled to capacity  
this would amount to 80,000 pound of anhydrous ammonia.  Results of the RMP*Comp show that total  
release over a 10 minute period would have off site impacts.  Central Rivers has never had any kind of  
release at any of its storage facilities and we hope this record continues.   
Alternative Release Scenario 
The most common alternative release scenario from out facility would not reach an end point off-site.  The  
alternative release using  RMP*Comp with a 5 minute release at 1000 lbs. per minute would have some off- 
site impact.  Again Central Rivers has never had a release at any storage facility.  
Five Year Accident History 
There have never been any accidents 
at any of our sites causing death, injury or property damage. 
Emergency Response Program 
In the event of an emergency involving our ammonia system, it is Central Rivers policy to notify the local  
fire department and request that they respond to the emergency.  In preparation for this, we have  
coordinated with all of the local response agencies by providing information and tours if needed to ensure  
that they are familiar with our facility.  This will help to ensure that our community has a strategy for  
responding to the threat posed by and ammonia release.
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