Givaudan Roure Flavors -Carthage - Executive Summary

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Givaudan Roure Flavors (GRF) operates a manufacturing facility in Cincinnati (Carthage), Ohio to produce a wide variety of flavor and flavor ingredients for food and beverage products. 
The only process subject to the U.S. EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) rule is the storage of acetalehyde (flammable chemical) up to a maximum quantity of 30,000 lbs in a freezer located within a warehouse (Building 21) at the site. The worst case release as required by the RMP rule is the total loss of the single largest vessel (55 gallon drum) stored in the freezer, and a resultant vapor cloud  explosion. The release quantity is 370 pounds and the greatest distance to the flammables endpoint is 140 feet including passive building mitigation. There are no public or environmental receptors within the flammables endpoint, which is completely on site. The effect of building mitigation includes the reduction in the flammables endpoint distance resulting  from the freezer being nested within a warehouse to the 
north and a refrigerated room/ warehouse to the west. Additional passive structures outside the freezer include two trailers to the south, and buildings 20,23 and a number of smaller structures to the west.  In addition, a 20 feet high earthen berm runs across the entire western length of the site and would prevent shock waves and debris from reaching residential housing to the west of the site. 
A review of the accident history for the acetaldehyde storage area reveals that there have been no releases within the past 5 years (or since the site began operation). GRF has also co-ordinated its emergency response procedures with the local Carthage Fire Department and a private local first responder, Clean Harbors. Therefore, GRF qualifies as a Program 1 facility under the RMP rule. Accordingly, no alternate release scenarios are required nor were they prepared. 
GRF has maintained a management / employee safety committee at the Carthage site. The facility is subject to the Occupational S 
afety and Health Administration (OSHA) Process Safety Management (PSM) program for flammable materials. An Emergency Response Plan is maintained for the site and the Risk Management Plan (RMP) requirements for Emergency Response incorporated the procedures contained in that documentt. 
GRF has been an active participant with the local emergency planning committee and Carthage Fire Department. GRF will continue to monitor its Building 21 Freezer Acetaldehyde Storage Process to ensure  safe operation and protect the public from any release that may occur.
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