Nordic Refrigerated Services, L.P. - Executive Summary

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Facility Overview:  The Nordic Refrigeration Services (Nordic) facility in Rockmart, Georgia is a refrigerated warehousing operation providing cold storage rental space to numerous clients with various refrigerated products.  The facility is regulated under Risk Management Program (RMP) due to onsite anhydrous ammonia storage in excess of the 10,000 lb. RMP applicability threshold.  The facility's only RMP covered process is the ammonia system used to refrigerate various areas of the facility.  The single largest vessel in the process contains 13,700 pounds of ammonia. 
Chemical Safety Overview: The facility's overall approach and commitment to chemical safety is demonstrated by 1) the existing Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) Process Safety Management (PSM) program as specified by 29 CFR 1910.119 already in place at the facility, and 2) the hazard assessment, prevention program and emergency response provisions implemented specifically for ammonia in response to th 
e RMP requirements.  The management structure and oversight to ensure safety is documented in the facility's PSM and RMP programs and includes compliance with applicable regulations, codes and standards (i.e. International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) guidance for ammonia).  
Release Scenarios:  Worst-case and alternative release scenario assessments were conducted for the facility's single largest vessel based on US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Risk Management Program Guidance for Ammonia Refrigeration (November 1998).  A release of ammonia liquefied under pressure forming a vapor and liquid mixture was considered for both release scenarios.  Public receptors were determined to be located within the impact zone of both the worst-case and alternative releases.  The resulting worst-case and alternative release impact zones were 0.8 miles and 0.3 miles, respectively.   The ammonia system is contained within an enclosed room at the facility, which serves to mitigat 
e any potential releases.  
Five-Year Accident History:  The facility has had no RMP reportable accidents/releases of ammonia within the five years proceeding RMP submittal. 
Prevention Program:  The facility has implemented a Program 3 level Prevention Program, as required by the RMP rules, in accordance with US EPA, OSHA, IIAR, and vendor guidance for ammonia.  These prevention program provisions are specifically intended to minimize the probability and/or consequences of any accidental ammonia releases from the facility and include such measures as a system hazard review, operating and maintenance procedures, training, compliance auditing, management system and updates, etc.  The facility prevention program is an ongoing system based on periodic training, incident investigations, audits, procedure revisions, and RMP updates as required to reflect facility changes and RMP requirements. 
Emergency Response Program:  The facility has developed an emergency response plan for potential a 
mmonia release scenarios.  In addition, the facility will coordinate any emergency response activities with local emergency responders. 
Safety Management and Changes:  The facility is committed to ensuring its operations are safe and in accordance with all RMP requirements, and has established a senior manager responsible for RMP development, implementation and compliance.  This manager is committed to maintaining the safety of the RMP covered ammonia system through active adherence to the appropriate procedures and codes.  While this manager carries out the mechanics of the RMP requirements, the authority for such activities comes from the president of Nordic Refrigerated Services.  To ensure that the appropriate changes occur as necessary to maintain/improve safety, ongoing hazard reviews, training, audits, maintenance and investigations will be conducted as required by RMP.  Updates to the RMP will be completed as necessary in response to these activities. 
Summary:  As documented  
in this submittal, the RMP for the facility has been completed in accordance with all 40 CFR 68 requirements and the facility has certified RMP compliance.
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