Hill Brothers Chemical Company - Executive Summary

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The Hill Brothers Chemical Company operates a facility in San Jose which is a repackaging plant for anhydrous ammonia and manufactures aqua ammonia.  A Risk Management and Prevention Plan was prepared in December 1993.  A Process Safety Management Plan (PSM) and HAZOP review was completed on May 26, 1998.  A seismic study was completed in May 1998.  Process modifications have been implemented to respond to PSM recommendations.  Additional process equipment and controls are scheduled to be implemented by July 2000 to improve process safety. 
There have been no reportable quantity ammonia releases within the last five years.  The off-site consequence analysis for ammonia depicted a 1.2 mile distance to the endpoint for the Worst-case Scenario and 0.5 mile for the Alternative Release Scenario. 
The facility has an Emergency Action Plan and conducts training drills and exercises with the San Jose Fire Department to test the emergency response procedures.  Additional emergency response cont 
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