Hukill Chemical Corporation - Executive Summary

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Hukill Chemical Corporation has developed this Risk Management Plan (RMP) because of the amount of 70% Hydrofluoric Acid (HF-70) that is kept on-site.  HF-70 is stored on-site in a diked 12,400 gallon storage tank, and in up to approximately 180 55-gallon drums in their warehouse. 
An analysis of a worst case release scenario, as defined by the EPA rules, and more likely alternate release scenarios, selected from EPA guidance documents, was conducted and is documented in this plan.  The worst case scenario assumes that the largest volume of material co-located in an area is released instantaneously over a 10 minute period, and that the spill spreads out to a depth of 1 centimeter. The alternate case release scenarios, which are more likely scenarios,  indicate that a radius of less than two-tenths of a mile would be included in the distance to toxic endpoint.  
Hukill developed and Accidental Release Prevention Program as part of this Risk Management Plan.  Most of the Prevention Progr 
am elements, such as training, operating procedures, and maintenance procedures, were already in place prior to the development of this RMP.  The Prevention Program is designed to operate and maintain the system and the equipment in a manner that will reduce the possibility of an accidental release. 
In the event of an accidental release, the plant has coordinated emergency response efforts with the Bedford Fire Department and the Local Emergency Planning Committee.
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