Victor Fruit - Executive Summary

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A. Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response 
Victor Fruit accidental release prevention policy involves a unified approach that integrates technologies, procedures and management practices. It is the policy of Victor Fruit to adhere to all applicable Federal, State and local environmental and safety laws and regulations. 
Victor Fruit emergency release policy involves the preparation of a response plan and training of employees in evacuation and appropriate response to releases. 
B. Facility and Regulated Substance Handled 
Victor Fruit is located at 8751 East Highway 12, in the town of Victor, San Joaquin County CA. 
Sulfur dioxide (CAS # 7446-09-5) is the only regulated substance at Victor Fruit in quantities over the threshold limit. The quantity of sulfur dioxide stored at Victor Fruit is 10,000 pounds. 
Victor Fruit utilizes sulfur dioxide as a preservative in a cherry brining process. Sulfur dioxide is fed into two brine solutions: an initial brine solution where cherr 
ies become firm, and a storage brine solution where cherries are kept prior to shipping. 
C. Worst-Case and Alternative Release Scenarios 
EPA guidelines for determining the worst-case release scenario were applied. Dispersion analysis was conducted using the public domain code DEGASIS.  The distance to EPA end-point for the worst case release scenario at Victor Fruit was determined to be off-site. 
The worst case release scenario is unlikely because thefaciliy utilizes a preventive maintenance program to maintain the on-going integrity of the equipment, and the facility has a training program that insures that only properly trained personnel operate the system. 
An alternative release was also considered.  A release resulting from excessive flow of sulfur dioxide to the brine tank was the alternative scenario.  The distance to EPA end-point for this scenario was determined to be off-site. 
D. General Accidental  Release Prevention Program 
Victor Fruit accidental release prevention pr 
ogram is based in the following key elements:  
7 written operating procedures  
7 training of personnel 
7 preventative maintenance programs  
7 written safety procedures and safety equipment 
E. Five-Year Accident History 
Victor Fruit has not had any accidents involving sulfur dioxide in the last five years. 
F. Emergency Response Program 
Victor Fruit's emergency response program  includes the following elements: 
7 emergency escape procedures 
7 procedures for employees to operate critical plant operations before evacuation 
7 procedures to account for all employees after emergency evacuation 
7 rescue and medical training for employees who perform them 
7 means of reporting fires and other emergencies 
7 names of persons who can be contacted for further information 
G. Planned changes to improve safety 
Victor Fruit will continue to ensure that all its employees are properly trained, and that all safety processes and procedures are followed.
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