THERCHEM CORP. - Executive Summary

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1. Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Facility ID Number. 
# 30314 Therchem 
2. Accident release prevention and emergency response policies at the stationary source. 
7 Therchem is regulated, permitted, and inspected annually by the Louisiana Liquefied Petroleum Gas Commission.  As such, this facility abides by the industry and state standards set forth by this agency, including NFPA 58. 
7 A hazard review has been conducted to identify any and all hazards associated with the process, opportunities for equipment malfunctions or human error, safeguards needed to control the hazards or prevent equipment malfunction, and any steps used to detect releases. 
7 Concise operating procedures have been prepared to describe how to safely load and dispense from the anhydrous ammonia tank. 
7 Equipment maintenance inspections are conducted several times throughout the month.  The maintenance inspections ensure the mechanical integrit 
y of the tank. 
7 Therchem compliance audits ensure compliance with the provisions of the risk management plan. 
7 Therchem conducts thorough incident investigations for any incident that resulted in, or could reasonably have resulted in a catastrophic release of anhydrous ammonia. 
7 Therchem uses the Accident Prevention Program and hazard reviews as an opportunity to improve safety, operating and maintenance procedures. 
7 Therchem has coordinated emergency response procedures with the Iberia Parish Emergency Planning Committee. The committee is incorporating an anhydrous ammonia release into the community response plan. 
3. Stationary Source and Regulated Substance Handled 
7 Therchem is located south on New Iberia at 6510 East Old Spanish Trail Hwy.   
7 The facility consists of two anhydrous ammonia tanks, 8000 gallons and 6000 gallons. Even though there are 2 tanks on site, only one is used. 
7 The ammonia is transferred from the tank to a delivery truck which transports the produc 
t to the consumers. 
7 A tanker truck periodically refills the tank. 
7 Anhydrous ammonia is the only regulated chemical stored at this site. 
7 The maximum amount of anhydrous ammonia that will be stored onsite is 40,000 lbs. 
4. Worst Case Release Scenario and the Alternative Release Scenario 
Worst Case Scenario: 
7 Scenario considered was failure of the tank containing 40,000 lbs. of anhydrous ammonia, 4000 lb/min release rate. 
7 According to the EPA models, the ammonia could travel 3.6 miles before dispersing enough to no longer pose a threat to the public. 
Alternative Release Scenario: 
7 Scenario considered was a transfer hose failure.  A quarter inch hole in the hose was assumed. 
7 The leak amounted to an ammonia release rate of 125 lb/min, for a 30 second period. 
7 A manual emergency shut down valve would be used to minimize the quantity of ammonia released. 
7 According to the EPA models, the ammonia could travel 0.2 miles before dispersing enough to no longer pose a threat to the 
5. General Accident Release Prevention Program and Chemical Specific     Prevention Steps 
7 This facility is permitted, regulated, and inspected annually by the Louisiana Liquefied Petroleum Gas Commission. 
7 The facility operates in accordance with the industry practices for pressurized ammonia storage, including NFPA 58. 
6. Five Year Accident History 
7 Therchem has not had any reportable releases or accidents involving anhydrous ammonia releases. 
7. Emergency Response Plan 
7 The Iberia Parish Emergency Planning Committee is currently incorporating an anhydrous ammonia release into the community emergency response plan. 
7 Therchem is coordinating proper ammonia release response with the local fire department. 
7 Emergency numbers are posted at the facility. 
8. Planned Changes to Improve Safety 
7 Therchem is continually striving to improve the safety of the operation through preventive maintenance, compliance audits, hazard reviews, and annual audits by the Louisiana Lique 
fied Petroleum Gas Commission. 
7 Therchem prides itself on having never had an accidental or reportable release and will continue work to preserve this record.
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