AC HUMKO - Oklahoma City, OK - Executive Summary

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Facility Name:  AC HUMKO 
2801 SW 15th 
Oklahoma City, OK  73134 
This plan summarizes the Risk Management Program (RMP) developed and implemented at the AC HUMKO facility located at 2801 SW 15th  in Oklahoma City, OK.  In compliance with applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) RMP requirements, the AC HUMKO Risk Management Program document, which is summarized by this plan, describes the following components of a RMP: 
- A hazard assessment program that identifies and analyzes the potential onsite and off-site impacts of worst-case and alternate release scenarios of regulated substances, and includes documentation of five-year accident histories involving regulated substances. 
- A prevention program that covers operating procedures, maintenance, training, management of change, process safety information, and other similar information involving regulated substances. 
- An emergency action plan to mitigate any accidental releases that occur. 
- An overall system to manage the de 
velopment and implementation of a risk management system. 
The plan is submitted in accordance with applicable regulations for the on-site refrigeration process covered by RMP regulations. 
The subject ACH facility utilizes anhydrous ammonia (CAS No. 7664-41-7) as a refrigerant to maintain the proper temperature in food manufacturing operations.   
The refrigeration process uses anhydrous ammonia at a stationary source in amounts greater that the RMP and OSHA PSM threshold of 10,000 pounds and a catastrophic release of this substance could impact public receptors.  Therefore, the subject facility is regulated by Program 3 requirements.   
There have been no reportable accidents involving ammonia within the past 5-years. 
AC HUMKOs Emergency Response Program was developed in compliance with RMP regulatory requirements cited in 40 CFR 68.90(b)(1) and (3), and the subject facility is a non-responding facility. 
The AC HUMKO Ammonia Emergency Response Program limits employees to actions t 
o end small leaks or releases (e.g. shutting a valve), mitigating a release that does not pose an immediate safety or health hazard, and other similar actions to minor incidents that are considered incidental responses.  Emergency actions for the subject AC HUMKO facility have been coordinated with the local fire department and the local emergency planning commission. 
The AC HUMKO Risk Management Program will be revised as necessary to ensure compliance with applicable RMP regulations and to improve safety.
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