Wayne Farms, Danville, AR - Executive Summary

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Wayne Farms-Danville is a poultry processing facility that stores and uses chemicals that are regulated by EPA's Risk Management Program.  These chemicals are Ammonia for refrigeration and Chlorine for use in the waste water treatment.  We currently have maximum storage capacity of 16,000 pounds of Ammonia and 6,000 pounds of Chlorine at the Danville facility. 
Wayne Farms-Danville believes that the chemicals we store and handle on site have very real and potential dangers.   However, it is important to keep the risks in perspective.  Wayne Farms-Danville's ammonia and chlorine storage and handling facilities: 
1.  are properly designed 
2.  have effective operation and maintenance procedures 
3.  employ trained operators and tecchnicians 
4.  periodically conduct safety audits, and 
5.  are constantly upgrading its processes to meet or exceed industry standards 
Wayne Farms-Danville also has taken a proactive approach towards coordinating emergency efforts with the Danville Fire Department 
.  The Danville County E.M.A. has a copy of our emergency response program and is well trained and prepared to respond to the potential spills and leaks that may occur at the Wayne Farms-Danville facility.  The Danville Fire Department also conducts annual site visits to our facility and is prepared to respond to possible spills or leaks. 
A facility which maintains high standards, such as Wayne Farms-Danville, provides less public risk than a facility that does not provide safe operations.  Wayne Farms-Danville complies with Federal OSHA rules and guidelines for safe handling, storage and operation of ammonia and chlorine systems.  We also utilize outside ammonia system experts to periodically inspect our system's integrity, train system operators and upgrade systems to improve safety.  As a result of Wayne Farms-Danville's safety program, Wayne Farms-Danville has had no releases of ammonia which resulted in any off site injury or illiness in the past five years. 
Because of the large 
quantities of ammonia and chlorine Wayne Farms-Danville maintains on site, there is a very small probability that there could be off-site consequences if a major leak occurred. Wayne Farms-Danville used EPA's OCA Guidance for off-site consequence analysis of ammonia and chlorine. 
In the event of a worst-case ammonia release (16,000 pounds in 10 minutes), a .7 mile radius around the Danville facility may have to be notified and possibly evacuated.  According to 1990 Census Data, 44 people in the surrounding community may need to be notified that an evacuation may be necessary.  In the event of a worst case chlorine release (2,000 pounds in 10 minutes) gaseous chlorine could travel 1.3 miles and may affect 153 people. 
During the past five years Wayne Farms-Danville has had no releases of ammonia or chlorine to the atmosphere.  However, if an ammonia coil should break we could potentially have a leak of 850 pounds at 85 lbs/min over a 10 minute p 
eriod.  According to EPA's OCA Guidance Models, this 850 lb. release of ammonia may travel .1 miles and should not reach the general public.  In the event of a 150 lb. chlorine leak, this alternative release should not leave the facility site or affect the general public. 
Wayne Farms-Danville-Poultry Divison believes that the poultry industry should proactively inform the public of the potential dangers and the actions that Wayne Farms has taken to minimize these dangers.  Wayne Farms-Danville has a long-great ongoing relationship with the community.  We encourage any and all citizens who have concerns or questions to contact our facility.  We look forward to continuing our relationship in Yell County.
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