Morgan Fertilizer, Memphis Plant - Executive Summary

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    Morgan Fertilizer has been involved in the retail fertilizer business for fourty two years.  Anhydrous ammonia has been a popular source of nitrogen for farmers in there corn fields for many years.   Even though anhydrous ammonia is a potentialy dangerous product since it is under presure and is extremely volatile, however if it is handled resposable it can be a safe and cost efficient source of nitrogen in the Ag. industry.                                                                                                                                                        Inrecent years anhydrous ammonia has become a treasured commdity with the growining methampetamine problem.  Morgan Fertilizer has took many steps to prevent the theft of ammonia.  All valves on the storage tanks are left locked at night.  All hoses leading from the fill station are taken off and locked when not in use.  All nurse tanks are empty during the off season.  A motion light has been installed near the 
storage facility.  The local Law Enforcement also patrols the storage plant during early morning hours.   We strongly feel the steps that we have taken will go a long way in the prevention of the theft of ammonia.   
   Morgan Fertilizer also prior to ever busy season to ammonia will do a Maintenance check on all nurse and application equipment to make sure all sight gauges hoses and runing gears are in proper maintence, and works properly.  Every nurse wagon also has it's own saftey equipment kit.  All the wagons are properly marked to assure total saftey to the consumer and the genaral public.  Maintenance records are maintained on all wagons and notes are made if a particular wagon has a problem that needs taken care of.  All wagons are equiped with relief valves and no nurse wagon is filled over eighty-five percent.  We believe that by doing the above steps that we offer a safe product that is consumer friendly and safe to the public. 
  All storage containers have relief valves,  
access flow valves and sight gauges to assure that the tanks are never overpressurized.  All valves leading away from the tank are left closed when not in use to lessen the likelihood of an accidential release.  All fill hoses are replaced by the dates provided by the manufacturer.   No storage container is filled over the eighty-five percent level.   
 All seasonal  employees are trained once a year given saftey equipment and first aid procedures are reviewed.  A oral test is given to all employees that handle ammonia a observation test is given in addition to the oral test for those that are handling ammonia for the first time.  At Morgan Fertilizer we feel as though preventative maintence and training goes a long ways in decreasing the odds of an accident.
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