City of Mt. Pleasant Wastewater Plant - Executive Summary

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The wastewater treatment plant is located in the southeast part of Titus County, east of U. S. Highway 271.  Facilities are in place to store one ton cylinders of chlorine and to utilize these ton cylinders in the application of chlorine to the wastewater plant effluent to achieve disinfection.  The properties of chlorine tht make it useful in the disinfection of wastewater make it necessary to observe safety precautions that will prevent unnecessary exposure to chlorine thereby reducing the threat to the plant employees and also, to reduce the threat to the persons in the community.  Chlorine is considered a hazardous chemical by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Training of employees when they begin to work and following the Prevention 2 Program recommendations should result in operating procedures that would allow  a continuation of the previous five-year period without a reportable accident.  A chlorine detector is mounted in the area to detect chlorine leaks.  Accidental relea 
se prevention is in effect and copies are retained in a manual available at the plant.  Emergency response policies have been in effect for sometime at the water plant but these policies are now being revised and will be applicable to the wastewater treatment facility and included in the RMP Manual at the plant.
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