AmerenCIPS Coffeen Generating Station - Executive Summary

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The AmerenCIPS Coffeen Plant is located on Coffeen Lake in Montgomery County approximately 2.5 miles southwest of the city of Coffeen.  Coffeen Plant began producing electricity in 1965.  Coffeen Plant has safely used one ton cylinders of chlorine for water treatment for the past six years.  The plant typically uses 60,000 pounds of chlorine each year to prevent biofouling of condensers and other equipment from water drawn from Lake Coffeen.  Chlorine is added to the water for about ten minutes, twelve  times daily.   This chlorination system has been periodically upgraded and safely operated for the past 34 years without any significant releases or injuries.  The importance of preventing any releases is stressed through on the job and classroom training as well as through adherence to operations and maintainence procedures.  In addition, the system is checked at least three times daily.  Leak checks are also made whenever a new bank of cylinders is placed into service.   The chlorine  
cylinders are located within a fenced area near the plant entrance.  The system has leak detectors as well as alarms to warn of any process deviations.
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