Sweetheart Cup Company, Inc. - Dallas Plant - Executive Summary

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Sweetheart Cup Company, Inc., located at 4444 Ledbetter Ave. in Dallas manufactures disposable food containers, including those consisting of polystyrene foam. This foam production process uses Difluorethane (CAS # 75-37-6). 
Sweetheart Cup is dedicated to the safety of our employees and our community. Our corporate safety policy reinforces Sweetheart's commitment to providing a safe environment for our employees and our neighboring community. 
The Sweetheart Plant occupies 1,270,000 square feet of space on a 47 acre lot.  
The worst case scenario listed depicts the release of 42,333 lb. of the subject material. RMP Comp software was used to model this release. There is potential for offsite impact. 
The alternative release scenario listed depicts a 15 minute release of the subject material. Excess flow detection control devices will mitigate any further release. 
The emergency response program includes coordination with local emergency response. Our emergency response plan includes no 
tification procedures, emergency contacts etc. Employees are trained on emergency response annually. 
Safety training at Sweetheart Cup is an ongoing process. Safety review and evaluation is part of our company's day to day operations.
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