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                                                  Atlanta Distribution Center 
                                                  Division of SUPERVALU INC  
   The spill and release prevention program at the SUPERVALU INC Atlanta Distribution Center is modeled 
very closely on the suggestions of the 1981 IARW Operations Manual. 
   Our preventive maintenance program is the primary means of preventing uncontrollable releases of 
ammonia.The following items are key elements to the success of the preventive maintenance program. 
The items are listed at random, each item being of equal importance. 
                                     Ammonia Piping,Vessels and Equipment 
                       1. All ammonia piping is identified by "YELLOW" exterior color and is properly 
                           labeled to indicate relative pressure, state of the refrigerant, and application. 
                        2. All valves are properly tagged and listed on the prints. Charts are provided 
                      to identify their intended purpose. 
                        3. Employees are trained not to climb or walk on the piping. 
                        4. Any piping which may be exposed to mechanical damage is protected by guards 
                            visual signs, and employee awareness. 
                        5. Insulation  systems are maintained to workable standards. 
                        6. Inspections are done  at recommended intervals for all system components. 
                        7. Only approved  maintenance procedures and materials are used. 
                        8. All pressure relief valves are inspected annually and replaced every 5 years. 
  Our facility has 24hour-7day a week security coverage. Together with the maintenance department 
this provides our front line of detection and emergency response to an ammonia emergency. Security 
will be notified in the event of an ammonia emergency by  anyone detecting the presence of ammonia 

n their work area. Security in turn will notify the maintenance department , fire dept, and the senior 
supervisor on duty.  The senior supervisor will order an evacuation of the building and verify that all employees are accounted for upon reaching the designated assembly area. Security will immediately secure the  premises allowing  only  essential or emergency personnel to enter the premises. When the Maintenance Manager or his delegated substitute arrives he will assume overall command of the situation. 
The maintenance department will assemble at the rear of the maintenance area and the plan of attack 
will be devised. There are three objectives to our emergency plan: 
                         1.Remove anyone trapped in the  affected area 
                         2.Locate the source of the leak 
                         3.Halt any further release of the ammonia 
 The maintenance department consists of  the following personnel: 
                          1. 1 manager with 27 years ex 
perience  in the refrigeration and warehouse industry 
                          2. 2 refrigeration technicans with 40 years combined experience in the refrigeration 
                          3. 5 building trades mechanics with over 100 years combined experience in the 
                              warehouse industry 
 The maintenance department members are trained to respond to any and all emercency situations 
which may occur in this facility. Ammonia Emergency Procedure Manuals are available in strategic 
locations to be used when needed. The maintenance department members are trained annually in 
emergency procedural tactics, PPE, and loss prevention.
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