ABCO Industries Incorporated - Executive Summary

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The stationary source is the ABCO Industries Incorporated facility at 200 Railroad Street, Roebuck SC.  The site has implemented accidental release and emergency response procedures outlined in the OSHA Process Safety Management standard (29 CFR 1910.119) for the processes addressed in this RMP.  The worst case scenarios for each of the two RMP chemicals involve the complete rupture of the single largest storage tank for that chemical.  Releases are mitigated by process dikes and sewers.  The alternative scenarios for each of the two processes involve either discharge of the RMP chemical through a 2" pipe or nozzle break or from a 3" hose break, again mitigated by process dikes and sewers.  The 5-year accident history shows no reportable incidents.  A site emergency response plan, coordinated with local municipal authorities, exists, and regular training sessions and drills are conducted.  Accidental release prevention steps utilized for the RMP chemical processes include all of the pr 
evention elements outlined in the OSHA 1910.119 program.  Changes to improve safety are an ongoing component of the site's safety and environmental management programs.
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