MAYS CHEMICAL Company - Chicago - Executive Summary

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Mays Chemical Company, Inc., is located at 875 East 112st Street, Chicago, Illinois 60628. There are two chemicals: formaldehyde and hydrochloric acid stored at the Indianapolis facility that are subject to the Risk Management Plan regulations. Formaldehyde and hydrochloric acid are listed toxic substances under the Risk Management Plan rule found at 40 CFR 68, since they are stored in quantities in excess of the 15,000 pounds regulatory threshold.  It is necessary to observe certain safety precautions in handling these chemicals to prevent unnecessary human exposure, to reduce the threat to the personal health of our employees as well as to reduce the threat to nearby members of the community.  It is our policy to adhere to all applicable federal and state rules and regulations.  Safety depends upon the manner in which we handle chemicals, combined with the safety devices inherent in the design of this facility, the safe handling procedures that we use, and the training of our personn 
The emergency response program at this facility is based upon the Responsible Care Product Stewardship Code - Assessment Protocol for Chemical Distributors, and the National Association of Chemical Distributors - The Responsible Distribution Process.  The emergency response plan includes procedures for notification of the local fire authority and notification of any potentially affected neighbors.
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