York Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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Management at the City of York is committed to policies that ensure the health and safety of the public and employees of the water treatment plant. 
The York water plant is located on the north side of West Liberty Street, approximately 3/4 mile west of Congress Street and approximately 1/4 mile west of the US 321 Bypass. 
At the water treatment plant, only one hazardous process exists:  the gas chlorination system.  Chlorine is used as a disinfection agent for potable water.  The filter building contains the process for injecting chlorine gas into the water.  The storage shed contains the one-ton chlorine containers.  The maximum amount of chlorine to be stored is not anticipated to exceed 6,000 lbs. (3 each ton containers).  Based on the rupture of one cylinder, the maximum impact would be 2000 lbs.  The alternative scenario of a pipe leak would have less severe impact, due to disbursement into the atmosphere over a longer period of time. 
The York water treatment plant has never had a 
major chlorine problem.  We believe this is due to our engineering and administrative controls. 
1.  Engineering controls consist of: 
    a.  automatic and manual-control chlorinator 
    b.  automatic container changeover values 
    c.  gas exhaust system 
    d.  automatic leak detector 
    e.  ton container hoist 
2.  Administrative controls consist of: 
    a.  written operating procedures 
    b.  City of York safety program 
In the event of an emergency, the City of York Fire Department, EMS, York County Emergency Preparedness, as well as other agencies, are prepared to respond.   
We regularly review and update our plan to reflect any changes that are needed.
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