Magic Waters - Executive Summary

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Magic Waters Waterpark is a public water park.  Chlorine is stored on site and used to provide clean safe water to the wave pool for park patrons.  There has never been an incident with chlorine which resulted in any harm to park patrons or the community.                                                                                                                 Magic Waters has always had an active Safety Program, since patron safety and the safety of the community are of utmost importance.  The facility has on on-site emergency medical staff.  Every year Magic Waters has an emergency evacuation drill to ensure that the park can handle emergencies such as bad weather, chemical (chlroine) situations, or an emegency on the tollway located next to the park.  Magic Waters also has on-site security, which would work hand-in-hand with local emergency agencies in the event of any emergency.  Magic Waters includes local emergency response teams in their drills.  The Process Safety Manageme 
nt and Risk Management Programs are the latest in emergency preparedness activities at the Magic Waters Waterpark.
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