Superior Deshler, Inc. Fairbury Plant - Executive Summary

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Risk Management Plan- Executive Summary for Superior Deshler, Inc., Fairbury, NE 
Superior Deshler Inc. receives, stores and distributes Anhydrous Ammonia at the facility located on Hwy 15 North of Fairbury, Nebraska.  The maximum storage quanity of Anhydrous Ammonia at the plant is 140,196 lbs..  The facility has a written emergency response plan and has provided state and local authorities the emergency planning and community right to know information as required under SAFA Title III. 
Worst Case Scenario - A maximum of 140,196 lbs. of Anhydrous Ammonia could be released in a gaseous state over a duration of 10 minutes at 14,020 lbs/min into the area surrounding the plant up to 1.10 miles to the endpoint.  The offsite consequences would include approximately 11 residential individuals. 
Alternative Release Scenario - A transfer hose failure on Anhydrous Ammonia has the potential to release 26,638 lbs. of product in a gaseous state over 2 minutes at a rate of 13,319 lbs/min in the area 
surrounding the plant up to .59 miles.  The offsite consequences would include approximately 5 residential individuals. 
The owners, management and employees at the facility are prepared to work with local fire departmentsand other authorities to minimize the impact of any release to the community and the enviornment.  The facility has had no such release in the past.  Complying with safety standards for storage and handeling of Anhydrous Ammonia and completing regular amintenance on the equipment at the facility will continue to prevent any accidental releases at the Superior Deshler, Inc. plant near Fairbury, Nebraska.
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