Delta Distributors-Houston - Executive Summary

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Delta Distributors, Inc. is committed to continued excellence, leadership, and stewardship in protecting the environment. Environmental protection is a primary management responsibility, as well as the responsibility of every employee. In keeping with this policy, our objective as a company is to reduce waste and achieve minimal adverse impact on air, water, and land through excellence in environmental control.  We all share the responsibilities for safety, health and the environment.  Our facility is operating at Progam level 1-drum storage of Aqua Ammonia and Cyclohexylamine. 
1. We accept the responsibility for leadership of the safety & health program, and for its effectiveness and improvement, and for providing the care required ensuring safe conditions. 
2. Our managers and supervisors are responsible for developing the proper attitudes toward safety, health and the environment in themselves and in those they supervise.   They strive to ensure that all operations are performed wit 
h the highest regard for the safety and health of all personnel involved. 
3. Our employees are responsible for wholehearted, genuine cooperation with all aspects of the safety and health program, including compliance with all rules and regulations, and for continuously practicing safety while performing their duties. 
Our environmental guidelines include the following: 
1. Environmental protection is a important responsibility and measure of employee performance. In addition, every employee is responsible form environmental protection in the same manner as for safety. 
2. Reducing or eliminating the generation of waste has been and continues to be a prime consideration in research, process design, and operation. Waste reduction / elimination is as important to management as safety, yield and loss prevention. 
3. Source reduction / waste minimization (reuse and recycling) of materials has been and will continue to be given first consideration before classification and disposal of waste. 

he systemic program review and update shall include: 
1. Periodic reviews of program effectiveness 
2. Evaluation of new and modified waste management practices 
3. Revision of the Plan when necessary 
Concerning Aqua Ammonia safety, this material is stored in drums, outside, 
away from strong acids, strong alkali's, alkali metals, brass, copper, hypochlorites, and other incompatible materials. We have available self-contained breathing apparatus in case of an emergency spill or other release of liquid and vapor.
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