Collingwood Grain, Inc. - Coolidge - Executive Summary

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a. Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies 
This facility stores anhydrous ammonia for retail sale to farmers as fertilizer.  This facility observes safety precautions in handling ammonia to reduce the threat to workers, members of the community, and the environment, and adheres to applicable Federal and state rules and regulations. Safety depends upon the manner in which the facility handles ammonia, the safety devices inherent in the design of the facility, the safe handling procedures that are used, and the training of personnel. 
Emergency response for this facility is coordinated with the Hamilton County Fire Department.  This includes procedures for notifying the Fire Department in the event of an accident involving ammonia. 
b. The Stationary Source and the Regulated Substances Handled 
The regulated substance at this facility is ammonia.  Ammonia is stored for retail sale to farmers as fertilizer.  Ammonia is received by truck and stored in one storage tan 
c. Off-Site Consequence Analysis 
Worst-Case Scenario: As a worst-case scenario, it is assumed that the entire contents of the  ammonia tank is released as vapor over a ten minute period. 
Alternative Scenario: A more realistic release scenario involving ammonia would be a slow vapor release from a 1/4 inch hole resulting from a piping failure at a flange, joint, weld or seal. 
d. Accidental Release Prevention 
The key concepts in this facility's prevention program are employee participation, appropriate design and maintenance of equipment, and appropriate training for employees. 
e. Five-Year Accident History 
This facility has not had any accidents involving ammonia that require reporting under EPA's Risk Management Rule. 
f. Emergency Response Program 
Emergency response at this facility is coordinated with the Hamilton County Fire Department, such that in the event of an accident, immediate emergency response measures can be implemented. 
g. Planned Changes to Improve Safety 

s a result of a safety review of this facility's ammonia storage system, it has been determined that no changes need to be made to the system.
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