City of Boonville Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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The City of Boonville Water Treatment Plant in Boonville, Missouri is located in the heart of the City of Boonville, and supplies water to the cityand Public Water Supply #2 (who sells to Public Water Supply #3).  The Facility stores and uses the following Clean Air Act Section 112r (CCA-112r) regulated substances in the following regulated processes: 
                                    Chlorine------------------------------------Water Treatment (Chlorination) 
The chlorine used at this Facility is stored in 1-ton containers and a maximum quantity of 16,000 pounds is present at one time.  There are public receptors immediately adjacent to the facility, necessitating a Program 2 Risk Management Plan (RMP). 
The offsite consequence evaluation was completed using RMP*Comp.  Evaluating the distance to a toxic endpoint for the Facility resulted in a radius of influence of 3.0 miles for worst case scenario (release of one entire chlorine ton container) and a 0.6 mile radius for alternative 
release scenario (break of chlorine process line).  The area encompassed by the worst case scenario radius includes a population of approximately 8,095 people, and the area encompassed by the alternative release scenario includes a population of approximately 1,522 people. 
A complete Prevention Program has been developed for this Facility.  The RMP Program Manager is Director of Public Works, M. L. Cauthon III, and the Alternate Program Manager is Chief Plant Operator Todd W. Baslee.  An Emergency Response Plan with detailed instructions for handling a chlorine release at the facility.
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