SUPERVALU - St. Louis Perishable Center - Executive Summary

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The RMP is filed for the ammonia refrigeration system at the Perishable Facility, which was installed in 1998.  This system contains up to 26,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia in a closed system.  Interconnecting piping and critical shutoff valves are located above the roof of the warehouse or within the Energy Center, both having controlled access and limited exposure to accidents.  The system incorporates state-of-the-art ammonia vapor leak detection in the occuppied areas of the plant.  The facility employees will handle nearly all accidental releases of ammonia without reliance on outside agency support; however, Berkeley and Hazelwood Fire Departments and those in the surrounding area may need to respond to catastrophic releases.  The worst-case scenario would be the release of all 26,000 pounds in ten minutes.  The distance to toxic endpoint is 3 miles.  A residential population of 77,700 persons exists within this 3 mile radius of the facility.  The alternative release scenario is 
a release of 400 pounds of ammonia per minute, with a distance to toxic endpoint of 0.4 miles; the residential population within this area is 470 persons.  No critical environmental receptors are located within either vulnerability zone.
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